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The Team Projects list doesn't include one of the Team Projects that I see on the server


I have 6 Team Projects on a test system, and only 5 of them show up in the Team Projects drop down. The main difference with the one that doesn't show up is that it is using Git for Version Control. So I'm wondering if that is causing it not to show up when getting all the Team Projects from the Version Control Server.

If I replace this code (in TfsReportRenderer.TfsContext.TeamProjects):
                var service = tfs.GetService<VersionControlServer>();
                return service.GetAllTeamProjects(true).Select(i => i.Name).ToList();

With this code it all works fine:
                CatalogNode rootNode = tfs.CatalogNode;
                IReadOnlyCollection<CatalogNode> teamProjects = rootNode.QueryChildren(new Guid[] { CatalogResourceTypes.TeamProject }, false, CatalogQueryOptions.None);
                CatalogNode teamPrj = teamProjects.First<CatalogNode>();
                return teamProjects.Select(i => i.Resource.DisplayName).ToList();